School Security Improvements

In order to focus on school security and safety, Dorchester District 2 formed the Safety Task Force committee.  The group is composed of district members as well as parents and professionals in various fields, including law enforcement, education, and health care, among others.  This committee has developed a running-list of action items that have been identified as priorities district-wide to improve the safety and security in our schools.  Some of these action items have been or will be presented to the Board of Trustees to be incorporated into the budget and implemented; however, others are simply too costly and not able to find their way into the confines of the budget at this time.  SOS is focused on these ‘other’ action items in our fundraising efforts because we believe they require immediate action.  The Safety Task Force has prioritized the following as the top 5 action items.

Door Locks and Door Alarms

Door locks are currently being upgraded and standardized across all DD2 schools.  Alarms need to be added to access doors that may permit unwanted entry from the outside.

Bi-Directional Antenna Systems

Communications throughout the schools is crucial when responding to an emergency.  Some schools are in remote areas or have structures which make it difficult to use radio and mobile communications.  These schools need to have specialized systems installed to combat this issue.

School Bus Security

Details are being developed to establish enhanced identification and video surveillance systems for all DD2 school buses.

Exterior School Windows and Vestibule Area Improvements

Key exterior windows to classrooms and lunchroom or gathering areas need enhancements in many schools.  School entrance vestibule areas also need enhancements in security.  Each school has its own needs and plans are being developed and prioritized as to what these needs are.

Smart 911 System

This system would quickly and seamlessly connect all DD2 schools directly to law enforcement, fire, and medical services in the event of an emergency.

Did you know:  If we received a $1.80 donation for every student attending a DD2 school, we could fully fund a Smart 911 System for the entire DD2 school system!

Special thanks to the following businesses for their contributions: