SOS-Secure Our School

The SOS Mission:

Our community, neighbors, friends, and families all worry about school safety in the wake of the new norm of school shootings. The problem is, we all want action but don’t know what the solutions are. That is how and why SOS was formed – to establish the solutions our schools need. SOS-Secure Our School is a community-led fundraising effort to improve the safety and security of the Dorchester District 2 schools in South Carolina.

Dorchester District 2 has the same issues as every other school district in the US. They have a budget that must support many schools, focusing on education while maintaining their facilities as well as continuous improvements through technology and training. DD2 in particular has 25 schools with over 25,000 students and roughly 4000 staff employees. School systems have never had to account for enhanced and elaborate security in their budgets. However, we now live in an era that requires our schools to be more secure. Unfortunately, enhancing security is expensive, and due to budget constraints, it will take many years to get all school systems up to par.

We cannot stand idle and leave our children and education professionals vulnerable to ever-growing security concerns. It is time to take initiative.