The following “Initiatives” are items that SOS is currently working on to raise the necessary funds to acquire what is needed at our DD2 schools.


Kits for our kids

Medical professionals across the nation are stressing that bleeding control kits should be in every classroom and school bus.  These kits offer an essential life saving tool for our schools to be ready if an accident or incident should occur.  Therefore, we are striving to raise the funds to purchase the necessary amount of kits to fill every classroom and school bus in DD2.  We would like every teacher to have these kits readily available in their classroom to ensure that they are adequately prepared to always take care of our kids if an emergency arises.   

school security improvements

In order to focus on school security and safety, Dorchester District 2 formed the Safety Task Force committee. The group is composed of district members as well as parents and professionals in various fields, including law enforcement, education, and health care, among others. This committee has developed a running-list of action items that have been identified as priorities district-wide to improve the safety and security in our schools. Some of these action items have been or will be presented to the Board of Trustees to be incorporated into the budget and implemented; however, others are simply too costly and not able to find their way into the confines of the budget at this time. SOS is focused on these ‘other’ action items in our fundraising efforts because we believe they require immediate action.


There are several action items on the list that are currently being prioritized and more information gathered.  Once this is done SOS will take ownership and try to raise the funds needed while providing all information about the item.