SOS has raised over $4500 for the “Kits for Our Kids” Initiative!  With these funds, SOS answered the request from the district to purchase 4 complete training kits along with 4 SOF tourniquets to ensure the sustainability of Stop the Bleed training for DD2.  This allows DD2 to provide all future Stop the Bleed training for its faculty and staff by the school nurses!  In addition, SOS was also able to purchase 37 more Bleeding Control Kits for the district.  However, we still have a ways to go and need your help!  If every parent donated just $3.50 per student at DD2 schools then we could purchase all of the kits needed to stock every classroom and school bus for the entire district!  Please donate as you are able and type or write “Kits for Our Kids” in the subject line.

If you are interested in donating to the SOS cause, the funds will go towards the action items SOS is currently working on as mentioned.  These items are being reviewed, planned, and quoted and will be presented in the very near future as they are prioritized.  We are working with the DD2 Safety Task Force committee and School Board to iron out the details so stay posted because we definitely need the community’s help!

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